Recycling…Hot New Craze with a Payoff at the End

Your Old Junker is at the End of it’s Life. What better way to make a few bucks for yourself and Help Save the Planet at the same time. Recycling has always been the right thing to do. We learned as early as elementary school how to collect cans after school and bring them in to class, not only to keep our neighborhood clean, but to make a few dollars so we could buy some candy, soda and some baseball packs. So why should anything be different today. We’re just recycling bigger and for some more dineros.Auto recycling is becoming more and more popular these days with bigger payoffs. Junk yards, towers, and car buyers are paying more and more for old non-running vehicles. Huge demands for metal overseas, the need for used auto parts, and the value of the precious metals contained within the cars engines are all big motivators for individuals and commercial dealers. And what better way to keep our environment clean is by getting these old gas guzzlers off the road. We see it all the time. Abandonded cars all over the country, destroy the land as the car rusts and detoriates. Pollutants emitted and energy inefficient automobiles all lead to lower air quality and higher prices at the pumps.

So lets all pitch in together to do right by the planet that sustains us and for future generations. Plus, you’ll help your bank account grow a little bit stronger if you sell your junk car. Don’t forget donating your car is always another good way to get rid of a klunker. Pick your favorite charity, there’s many to choose from; helping children, abandoned animals, the fight against diseases. They’re an easy and efficient way to dispose of your car. And remember you’ll get a tax write-off too!

How to Make the Right Choices when Donating Your Car to a Charity

1. Always check out any charity you choose to donate to.
Make sure that they have their 501c(3) status and it is in good standing.
1. Make sure all your financial records are in order and have all your receipts from the donation process filed away properly.
2. Be aware of the new tax laws when donating a vehicle valued at less than $500.00 versus more than $500.00.
3. Be sure you get your tax deduction receipt from the charity at the end of the donation process.
4. And remember most of all, any mistakes that happen regarding charitable deductions and your taxes are the responsibility of the donor, not the charity.
Helping a charity is a great way of giving to a needy and worthy cause. Just make sure you go into the process prepared and informed, so the end result is a satisfying one. In the end, if you don’t want to donate your car and want to make some money then sell your junk car today.

The Facts About Donating Your Car

Donating Your Car to a national charity is a great option versus selling it for sometimes, very little cash.
Many organizations will take an old, running or even a non-running vehicle. You may not always get cash, but a tax deduction for your end of year taxes can sometimes be as good or better!
The Pros
Donating your old klunker can help a great charity and those they serve. Choose a cause close to your heart. These donated vehicles cars go to help charities generate funds to run their organizations and support their mission.
The tax deduction you receive in the end may be more valuable
than if you had sold or traded your vehicle in.
The Cons
Not every charity runs in the most financially efficient way. Many organizations only spend a small percentage towards their charitable work and many donated funds get eaten up by administrative costs.
Make sure the charity you pick is on the up and up and has a solid track record of charitable work.
In the end, whether you sell or donate your old klunker is entirely up to you. If you want to sell your junk car then by all means its up to you. Whether you get much needed cash or a valuable end of year write-off is a personal choice. But if you do go the donation route, know that one lucky charity and the mission they serve will bring a warm feeling for both you and the receivers at the other end of that charity.

Going Green Can Help You Save Dollars and the Environment at the Same Time

Use the following tips can keep your car running in tip-top condition, help keep daily family living expenses within budget and our neighborhoods clean and green.
1. Buy a hybrid automobile helps families save heavily on annual gas expense.
2. Car pooling is a great way to get to work faster using HOV lanes, see your friends more often and get to drink your coffee without holding on to a steering wheel.
3. Always drive under the speed limit. This makes your car more fuel efficient and saves you at the pump.
4. Don’t ever idle. This burns excessive gasoline.
5. Always keep your car running at peak performance with tune-ups and oil changes. Check the air pressure in your tires for peak performance.
Following these simple common sense tips will help make our roads safer, air cleaner, pocketbooks fuller and our world a better, cleaner and safer place to live. If you have an old car go ahead and sell your junk carto help the environment and put some money into your pocket! Remember…Drive Safe and don’t text while you drive!

Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean by Recycling Responsibly

Our homes and our cars are the biggest forms of pollution and contamination to our planet-mother earth. Think of all the detergents, aerosal sprays, cleaning products that we pour down our drains everyday and forget about what our vehicles emit on a daily basis; oil, gasoline, carbon monoxide and more. Sell your junk car today to help the enviroment now! Our water, soil and air are all at constant risk! There are many simple steps that individuals can do daily to help keep our planet clean and green. Three quarters of a car can be recycled for its metal. Oil from a car can by recycled so it doesn’t contaminate the soil. All the liquids and gasoline of a car can be properly drained so they do not effect our air, water and soil. Car pooling or taking public transportation helps keep cars off the road which helps lower our energy costs and reduces pollutants emitted into the air. Keeping your car running efficiently with regular oil changes and tune-ups also helps quite a bit. Don’t idle your car and when you drive on the highway try to use cruise control to keep your car at a constant speed. All these helpful tips keep your car running at peak efficiency, lowers your use of gasoline and keeps your impact on the planet at a minimum. Home use of liquid and laundry detergents can be use in moderation and consumers can be more conscious and use greener products that do less damage to our environment. Household products of paper and plastic must be properly recycled every week so they can be collected and reused. We all have very busy lives and schedules, but if we want to have a planet for our children and grandchildren to inherit, why don’t we all try to do some of these helpful suggestions. When we work together as a team…so much can be accomplished!

Cleaning Up the Planet Through Recycling

There are over 2 million junk cars on the road every year that are either sold, junked, scraped or taken apart for precious metals.
Cleaning up the environment through the removal of non-running, older vehicles not only gets older cars off the road through scrapping and junking, but gets vehicles off the road that emit harmful emissions into the environment.
Think of all the space we save with 2 million cars being removed from our highways every year! And behind all this Save Our Planet energy is a multi-billion dollar industry. Worldwide expanding economies
in China and India have led to huge demands for precious metals. 14 million tons of steel comes from cars being scrapped and 76 million tons of steel and iron.
And when a car is broken up; two thirds of the car is steel and the remaining one third is all the other parts; many types of metal, glass, plastic, rubber, etc. So if you have an unwanted car sitting outside sell your junk car today and help the environment!
And don’t forget, the most valuable item pulled out of a junked vehicle is the catalytic convertor; which holds many precious metal that are very valuable!
So the next time you’re in your car driving through a scenic countryside, remember how valuable your car is to someone, somewhere in the world and how important it is in keeping our Planet Healthy and Clean.

Recycling Your Old Automobile Can Help You Make a Few Bucks, Help a Local Charity and Clean Up the Environment at the Same Time!

Did you know the automobile is the largest recycled product in the US? The car is made of many types of precious metals; steel and copper being the most prevelent. So how does recycling my old car help the planet? Well first, when we chop up cars for much needed materials, we don’t have to mine raw materials from scratch. This helps save our planet since we don’t have to rip, dig, tunnel and blow up mother earth to get to the materials we need. The best thing about it is we buy junk cars!
Recycling and reusing metals such as steel and copper also reduces our need for energy. Once again, reducing our cost and need to create energy from scratch. And second, best of all, if you have an old car that doesn’t run or drive or just needs too many costly repairs…selling it gets a few greenbacks in your pocket. What’s better than a few extra dollars for some past due bills or a night out on the town!
Here’s a few ways on how to do it.
You can call companies that buy junk cars. They can be found on-line or in the auto classified section of your local newspaper. You can also call a local charity of your choice. They will usually pick-up your car Free of charge and tow it away at your convenience. Plus, you’ll get a tax deduction for your taxes. Last, but not least you can just drop it off at the local scrap yard. They will dismantle it and sometimes even give you a few dollars for your trouble. And don’t forget, you can always trade it in at a car dealership for a brand new car. So, whatever you choose to do, whether it helps a local charity, your wallet or just gets that old eye sore klunker out of your front yard…you’re helping mother earth stay clean, vibrant and healthy!