Rusting Junk Shuttle

There it is collecting dust and debris; that old car, that dilapidated vessel, a rusting junk shuttle. You remember when you bought that piece of junk, and it was no junk then. It was shining, reflecting show-lot light. It had the new car smell, the smell of clean leather, cloth and plastic. Altogether, that smell, that sound, that touch and light convinced you to buy it. The places I will take you, that car whispered, think of the possibilities. That car was a symbol of going places, of your future.

Now look at it. It is stagnant. Having battled time and space it is no longer a symbol of the future but of the past. Its dent there, the fender bender three years ago, the ripped and torn seat, a symbol of your sitting so many years while the world whipped past your now-cracked window. Look at it. What is it saying about you now, this junk of a car, no longer hurtling through space, but parked in space; taking up space? It is saying you have moved on. It is saying it is time to recognize how you have changed. And just as it is a symbol of the old you, it is a symbol of old times. It was made before ‘global warming’ was a term on every conscious person’s mind. It was made when gas cost two dollars. That car, your junk car- it consumes. Space, gas, earth- it consumes all of them. Give it up. Donate it. Let the donation of your past be a commitment to your future. Junk it.

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Indy Car Events

Indianapolis 500

Speedway, IN   May 27 11:00 AM ET


With four corners banked at 9 degrees, 12 minutes, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway drives more like a road course than an oval. But each of the corners is different. Each have different bumps, different wind. Turn 1 has its own mystique — a leap of flat-out faith at 225 mph, 440 yards of difficulty. The straightaways are 5/8ths of a mile long — time to catch your breath and dive into the next corner.

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Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix

Detroit, MI  Jun 03 3:30 PM ET


The Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix returned to the Motor City during a very successful 2007 Labor Day weekend celebration. Visitors found a city steeped in automotive and musical heritage, proud of its athletic tradition, and experiencing an ongoing civic renewal. As the event returns to Belle Isle for the first time in four years this June, visitors will see an area that is ready for revival. The downtown is vibrant, the city is alive with excitement and Detroiters take great pride in their area and their fighting spirit. The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix continues to help Detroit’s revitalization as all proceeds from the race will fund measures to preserve and improve Belle Isle.

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Nascar Events

Richmond International Raceway

7 April 27 Richmond NASCAR Nationwide Seri… 7 p.m.  espn2
9 April 28 Richmond NASCAR Sprint Cup Seri… 7 p.m.  fox