The Top 5 Car Movie Reviews

We all love to watch a good movie from time to time, immersing ourselves in the characters and losing ourselves in the plot. One of the most noticeable things about any movie is the vehicles that are used in them. Here we look at the Top 5 movies that focus on vehicles.

1. Back to the Future Series – I, II and III
The Back to the Future movies were all blockbusters, and were all based around one thing
– the adventures of Marty McFly (Michel J Fox) and mad scientist Doc Brown (Christopher
Lloyd. The pair travels across time in a 1981 De Lorean DMC-12 that has been turned into
a time machine by the scientist. Mayhem and hilarity ensue as they race to put right events
they have interfered with, forever changing history.

2. Herbie
THe 1960’s saw the VW Beetle become on the most popular and iconic cars of all time and from this, the idea for the Herbie films was born. Herbie is a 1963 Model 117 Beetle with a mind of his own and a huge personality. Hilarious and sometimes touching scenes follow Herbies’ attempts to take revenge on anyone who upsets his new racing owner, culminating in the ultimate race.

3. The Dukes of Hazzard
Not the best of TV shows but the car featured in the Dukes of Hazzard made it all
worthwhile. Meet The General Lee, a 1969 Dodge Charger with major race modifications.
This car has one mission in life – to out run and outperform all the baddies that seem intent on stopping the car and its owners. The car’s popularity took a massive leap when the show aired on the big screens as a TV movie.

4. Bullitt
Steve McQueen made this one of the best movies ever and it features a neat car, the 1969
Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback. THe film follows tough detective Frank Bullitt, played by
McQueen as he attempts to protect a mafia informant. But when things go wrong Bullitt
investigates on his own uncovering a whole new set of problems. 2 Mustangs were used
in the filming of Bullitt, one of which was destroyed after filming. The other is still around

5. James Bond
The Aston Martin DB5 is a star of the James Bond movies. It appears throughout the whole series of films, from Sean Connery right through to the latest Bond, Daniel Craig. The car is an integral part of the character of the films as Bond makes his way across the world seeking out the bad guys and taking them on in a series of action packed fight scenes and car chases.