1950’s Car Culture: Dawning of the “Modern Age”

Post World War II saw the shift from weapon based manufacturing and rations to a surge in consumer products.  As the soldiers returned from war and worker wages increased, more Americans were able to purchase vehicles.  This surge in automotive buying caused several changes to society.  The 1950’s ushered in a new way for people to earn money, eat from restaurants, watch movies and go shopping.  During this time one in six working Americans were employed directly or indirectly by the automotive industry.  Everything from parts manufacturing to drive-in movies, vehicles were influencing how people earned and lived. Continue reading

Cars So Old They Are Ancient

 The first types of cars were developed much further back than most people think.  In the 1700’s inventors were developing and designing steam and battery powered “motorized carriages”.  Hard to imagine but the first electric cars were developed over a century ago.  Because the batteries were not reusable, needed to be recharged every 50 miles and travelled slow they were not practical.  The birth of the modern car era is commonly believed to be in the late 1800’s. Continue reading

Driving A Classic on the Cheap

 Classic cars are always desired despite current trends towards electric and ecologically sound vehicles.  Perhaps the fact that people are turning towards renewable energy has made these vehicles even more desired and awe-inspiring.  As the baby boomers down size and retire more of these classics are making their way on the market and most “fixer-upper” versions of these vintage autos can be purchased for $1,000 or less.  Fully restored versions will cost a considerable amount more. Continue reading

Celebrities and Their Classic Cars



Perhaps the most well known classic car collecting celebrity is Jay Leno.  He is a car collectors car collector, owning a reported 80 classic cars.  He buys, restores, drives and shows all his finds.  Leno may have the largest classic car collection in North America.

While other celebrities may not be quite as devoted to collecting classics as Leno there are a fair number that do drive around town in their own classic cars. Continue reading

Five Classic Cars for Collectors




Classic car collecting is not a dead art.  Parts companies are beginning to “recreate” parts so that classic car collectors can use original looking parts to restore their finds.

As the baby boomers downsize their homes and leave their farms behind collectors who attend estate sales and auctions are finding diamonds in the rough.  From back fields and barns old classics, dented and torn, are seeing the light of day and being restored to their former glory. Continue reading