Modern Day Muscle Cars :A Decade of Cars 1994-2004

Car enthusiasts will tell you that nothing will match the muscle cars of the past.  When high performance cars first entered the scene they were loud gas guzzling giants.  Today car buyers want fuel efficient vehicles without having to give up any of the style and status that comes with a well designed muscle car.  In the world of muscle cars there are many names such as Mustang, Camaro and Firebird, that have remained the same but their style and performance have been up dated. Continue reading

Top Old Time Muscle Cars 1950-1970

A muscle car was defined as being a high performance (V8 engine) 2 door sports coupe and would later go on to include family-sized and mid-sized cars that could hold four or more passengers.  It is the power of the vehicle itself that defines it as a muscle car.  As the years passed muscle cars were refined both in looks and power.  Customized paint jobs would be the focus for many car enthusiasts, almost as important as the power under their hoods. Continue reading

The Roaring Twenties: Dawn of the Modern Automobile

 After World War I the automobile really gained prominence.  Returning soldiers purchased automobiles and helped to market them as the best way to travel long distances in a short period of time.  By this time there were many automobile manufacturers in North America producing various makes and models some vehicle names last to this day.  Today most people are familiar with the names Buick, Chevrolet, Plymouth and Ford.  In the 1920’s Chevrolet, Plymouth and Ford were known as being the three automakers with the lowest prices.  Ford was also known to be the most reliable. Continue reading