Classic Automobiles



From rounded corners to square physics the classic truck has under gone numerous esthetic changes to keep up with the styles of the day.  While the best ever classic pick ups are based on personal preference here are several worth considering if you are looking for a great looking addition to your collection.

Chevy trucks were #1 in sales from 1947 to 1955.  In 1950 they produced a line of trucks under the Advanced Design Series which were beautiful pick ups with a purpose rather than just plain functional.  They were two door and offered in several models 3100 1/2 ton 3.5L I6, 3600 3/4 ton 3.9L I6 or 3800 1 ton 4.3L I6 and either 3 or 4 speed manual.  The front chrome accented grille was horizontal with small circular headlights on either side.  The vehicle itself had a rounded design with a large running board, large round wheel wells and a massive hood which made accessing the engine a breeze.

In 1955 Chevrolet manufactured a truck called Task Force.  It was the same basic design, two door pick up but it had a few advantages over its predecessors.  The new Chevy pick up had a V8 engine with a 3 or 4 speed transmission, power steering and brakes.  The windshield became a wrap around, the grille changed from a horizontal design to feature four large vertical bars with three thinner horizontal bars.  The fenders now housed single headlights instead of dual.  As the years passed the upgrades kept coming but since the 50’s the Chevy truck never quite enjoyed the same popularity.

The name Ford is synonymous with truck.  The 1960 Ford F-series with its flush mounted hood and new chrome grille was a marvel of the roads.  The model offered a Flare Side pick up box (separate fender body) or Style Side (smooth sided no break between cab and box).  It was a 4 wheel drive, 2 door with a Y-block V8.  Dual headlights were inset on either side and above the grille ringed in chrome.  Ford was putting style and function together and through the years they just got better.

The Ford Bronco is no longer in production and most people today instantly link the Bronco with a certain celebrity but in 1966 the Bronco was Fords attempt to compete with the likes of Jeep.  The 2 door ORV (off road vertical) was either rear-wheel or four-wheel drive.  It had a 2.8L straight six.  It was a square design vehicle with a flush mounted bumper and a flat glass windshield.  Far from luxury it was perfect for off road driving.

Classic trucks from the early fifties were some of the most visually stunning ever made.  Low to the ground, not raised like the ones of today.  The trucks of today are marketed as tough, powerful and functional but the design from one company to another does not vary much.  The classics were unique enough in look that two different makes side by side were distinct from one another.  The new pick ups are better performance wise but they just don’t have the style and grace of the classics.