Keeping Our Neighborhoods Clean by Recycling Responsibly

Our homes and our cars are the biggest forms of pollution and contamination to our planet-mother earth. Think of all the detergents, aerosal sprays, cleaning products that we pour down our drains everyday and forget about what our vehicles emit on a daily basis; oil, gasoline, carbon monoxide and more. Sell your junk car today to help the enviroment now! Our water, soil and air are all at constant risk! There are many simple steps that individuals can do daily to help keep our planet clean and green. Three quarters of a car can be recycled for its metal. Oil from a car can by recycled so it doesn’t contaminate the soil. All the liquids and gasoline of a car can be properly drained so they do not effect our air, water and soil. Car pooling or taking public transportation helps keep cars off the road which helps lower our energy costs and reduces pollutants emitted into the air. Keeping your car running efficiently with regular oil changes and tune-ups also helps quite a bit. Don’t idle your car and when you drive on the highway try to use cruise control to keep your car at a constant speed. All these helpful tips keep your car running at peak efficiency, lowers your use of gasoline and keeps your impact on the planet at a minimum. Home use of liquid and laundry detergents can be use in moderation and consumers can be more conscious and use greener products that do less damage to our environment. Household products of paper and plastic must be properly recycled every week so they can be collected and reused. We all have very busy lives and schedules, but if we want to have a planet for our children and grandchildren to inherit, why don’t we all try to do some of these helpful suggestions. When we work together as a team…so much can be accomplished!