Recycling…Hot New Craze with a Payoff at the End

Your Old Junker is at the End of it’s Life. What better way to make a few bucks for yourself and Help Save the Planet at the same time. Recycling has always been the right thing to do. We learned as early as elementary school how to collect cans after school and bring them in to class, not only to keep our neighborhood clean, but to make a few dollars so we could buy some candy, soda and some baseball packs. So why should anything be different today. We’re just recycling bigger and for some more dineros.Auto recycling is becoming more and more popular these days with bigger payoffs. Junk yards, towers, and car buyers are paying more and more for old non-running vehicles. Huge demands for metal overseas, the need for used auto parts, and the value of the precious metals contained within the cars engines are all big motivators for individuals and commercial dealers. And what better way to keep our environment clean is by getting these old gas guzzlers off the road. We see it all the time. Abandonded cars all over the country, destroy the land as the car rusts and detoriates. Pollutants emitted and energy inefficient automobiles all lead to lower air quality and higher prices at the pumps.

So lets all pitch in together to do right by the planet that sustains us and for future generations. Plus, you’ll help your bank account grow a little bit stronger if you sell your junk car. Don’t forget donating your car is always another good way to get rid of a klunker. Pick your favorite charity, there’s many to choose from; helping children, abandoned animals, the fight against diseases. They’re an easy and efficient way to dispose of your car. And remember you’ll get a tax write-off too!