The Classic and Timeless Ford GT



The Ford GT is said to be one of those sports cars that will be revered for all time. The Ford GT is a car that takes your breath away because of its great aesthetics  and performance.

The GT is designed to be a speedy, comfortable, and street-legal car.  Its manufacturers have opted for limited production for higher demand.


All About Ford GT


Ford was considering to recreate and reinvent the GT40 ever since the original cars went out of production way back in the 1960s. They wanted to beat Ferrari as the best carmaker for sports. There have been several failures but afterwards came up with the Ford GT.


The Ford GT is a mid-engine and a two-seater sports car. The Ford GT sports cars produced during the 2004-2006 were inspired by the racing cars made by Ford during the 1960s.


When the first Ford GT cars were released, there was so much demand that it exceeded supply. The cars were first sold with premium prices, at times exceeding its suggested price of roughly $150,000.


Ford GT Features and Specifications


The Ford GT has new technologies which includes a superplastic-formed flame, body panels made of aluminum, roll-bonded floor panels, and aluminum engine covers, to name a few.


It has a supercharger compressor, and a multi-injection fuel system. This vehicle also has a 17.4 gallon main premium unleaded (premium unleaded fuel 91) fuel tank. Its transmission is a 6-speed Manual.


The car can seat two people; it also has power steering, front power windows, rear view mirror and front reading lights. The car also has air conditioning, with a full dashboard and floor console. There’s also a front seat center armrest and two head restraints on front seats.


In terms of safety and security, it has a driver front airbag and a passenger front airbag with an occupant switch off. There are also child seat anchors and a remote anti-theft alarm system. The car also has front fog/driving lights.


Some say the seats could provide better lateral support and have minimal storage space. It’s easy to drive, though, which makes up for the things it lacks.


A Great Car to Have


Ford GT cars have timeless design. This is a type of car that can give you a substantial amount if you decide these cars for cash. This car proved that it offers world-class performance and is easy to drive. The Ford GT is a car indeed worth having.