World’s 1st Car Ever Made and 1902 Motor Cars and Racing On Ogden’s Guinea Gold Cigarette Cards

Some of the oldest motor car tobacco cards there are.

Card series title:  New Series B
Manufacturer:  Ogdens Ltd (Guinea Gold)
Year of Issue: circa 1902
Cards: 27 motor car cards

Card series title:  General Interest (Series C, D, E & F)
Manufacturer:  Ogdens Ltd (Tab)
Year of Issue: circa 1902
Cards: 8 motor car cards

Includes:  “The Smallest Motor Car”, Ricker on his Electric Car, The King In Hist Motor (King Edward VII), HM King Edward VII’s DAimler Motor Carriage, The King’s Motor Car, Misses Sevening and Edwardine, , Model of the first Motor ever made in America, Violet Vanbrugh, Mr. Weigel on his Motor Car, Motor Bus – Kilburn Marble Arch, Car of Sir Sydney Waterlow, Rougier Winner of a Race For Large Motors, Colomb on a Mors Car, Albert on a Darracq Car, Aubert on a Co Herean Car, De Montant on a Pengeot Car, Emery on Darracq Car, Laurent on a Brasier Car, Gordon Bennett Cup, A Mammoth Motor Car  – 150HP, Pauline Chase & Nina Sevening & Adrienne Augarde & Carrie Moore, The Latest in Light Motor Cars, Louie Freear, Evie Greene and M May, Dust Trails Using Westrumite, Starley Car, His Majesty King Edward’s Daimler Motor Carriage, The Bertrand Motor Carraige, M. Charroy’s Panhard-Levassor, The Gordon-Brillie Landau, The Four Bridesmaids In Chinese Honeymoon, Mr JW Stocks on His Napier Car, L Movers on his Racing Car, M. Fournier’s Mors – The Winner of the Race From Paris to Berlin 1901 click for video!more–>