Classic Junk Automobiles.



Classic Automobiles are hugely popular, and many people have formed hobbies restoring old junk auto’s for both fun and profit.  Restoring an old junk auto can be time consuming and could be referred to as a labor of love.


Of all the classic’s, I personally think there is something to be said about the beautifully designed 1964 Porsche 911 model, It gives off a classy vibe and just oozes sexy.  For a model such as this which has been produced for the best part of 4 decades, it truly is a work of art.  A good restoration has the potential of making you alot of money or if your like me, you would rather keep it as your pride and joy. Continue reading

Classic Automobiles



From rounded corners to square physics the classic truck has under gone numerous esthetic changes to keep up with the styles of the day.  While the best ever classic pick ups are based on personal preference here are several worth considering if you are looking for a great looking addition to your collection. Continue reading

Evolution of A Classic


Once inventors got a hold of the idea of a better way to travel the technology behind the vehicle took off.  Because of this many automotive companies popped up, as many as 170 car manufacturers in the United States.  After a while that dwindled down to 70.  Disasters like World War, fires, floods and economic collapse were the downfall of many. Continue reading

From Style and Grace to Speed and Power: The Classic Automobile


When vehicles really took off, after the second World War style, grace and luxury were the focus of many automakers.  They need to appeal to the masses on a visual levels.  Cars were status symbols, showing the world that you were a productive member of society with a good life.  They were luxuries and the cars between World War II and the 70’s screamed decadence.  Continue reading

The Value of Classic Cars


Depending on the condition and era of the car the prices vary wildly.  To find that perfect classic at the best price it is a good idea to talk to those in the know before setting out blindly looking.

Classic car rallies are held across the country hosted by a variety of sponsors.  Some are held by local businesses and others are held by cities or car collector groups.  Any and all of these places are a great way to get the heads up on the value of a classic car but the most unbiased views will come from collectors themselves.  Continue reading

How to Determine the Value of Your Classic Car

If you have decided to sell your classic car there are several things to consider before you set a price.

Determine if you want to add the cost of change of ownership in the base price of the vehicle or stipulate that the purchaser will be responsible for this additional cost.

Check on line for prices set by owners of vehicle similar to your own.  Check out the pictures provided, do they depict a mint condition vehicle or one that needs some work?  Is the seller included extra parts with the sale of the car?  Read the ad thoroughly.  Especially check on odometer readings and number of previous owners.  Those often are taken into account by potential buyers, especially if they are serious car collectors. Continue reading