Twenty Automotive Facts



1)      A classic is considered a car produced 30 to 49 years ago.

2)      The first muscle car was the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

3)      To be considered a muscle car the vehicle must have have a V8 engine, be made in America and be a 2 door sport coupe with rear wheel drive.  They were built for power and speed.

4)      Jay Leno is considered by many to have the largest and most extensive classic car collection in America having a reported 190 vehicles.  He hosts a website featuring his classic car garage. Continue reading

Celebrities and Their Classic Cars



Perhaps the most well known classic car collecting celebrity is Jay Leno.  He is a car collectors car collector, owning a reported 80 classic cars.  He buys, restores, drives and shows all his finds.  Leno may have the largest classic car collection in North America.

While other celebrities may not be quite as devoted to collecting classics as Leno there are a fair number that do drive around town in their own classic cars. Continue reading

Car Travel with Pets



You really need to wear heavy leather gloves (the kind that go up to your shoulder) if you are going to try to get my cat Eddie into the Mini-Van, but many pets love to drive, almost more than their owners. While I’ve only had to take Eddie for a ride a few times, he has taught us a great deal about what can happen to the inside of a car, with a pet.

Pets are a joy to have with us, but they do have special needs to help them stay comfortable and us happy. Continue reading

Things Everyone Should Know About Auto Repair

 auto repair


These days the majority of automobile manufacturers make use of complex technologies in order to make cars last longer and perform better, resulting in far more complicated cars than ever before. It is in the nature of machines, however, that they break down every now and then, or at least encounter ordinary problems related to wear and tear. Auto repair can be very complex and frustrating if you don’t have a qualified expert’s help; and it can be hard to find a reliable expert these days. Continue reading

The Facts About Donating Your Car

Donating Your Car to a national charity is a great option versus selling it for sometimes, very little cash.
Many organizations will take an old, running or even a non-running vehicle. You may not always get cash, but a tax deduction for your end of year taxes can sometimes be as good or better!
The Pros
Donating your old klunker can help a great charity and those they serve. Choose a cause close to your heart. These donated vehicles cars go to help charities generate funds to run their organizations and support their mission.
The tax deduction you receive in the end may be more valuable
than if you had sold or traded your vehicle in.
The Cons
Not every charity runs in the most financially efficient way. Many organizations only spend a small percentage towards their charitable work and many donated funds get eaten up by administrative costs.
Make sure the charity you pick is on the up and up and has a solid track record of charitable work.
In the end, whether you sell or donate your old klunker is entirely up to you. If you want to sell your junk car then by all means its up to you. Whether you get much needed cash or a valuable end of year write-off is a personal choice. But if you do go the donation route, know that one lucky charity and the mission they serve will bring a warm feeling for both you and the receivers at the other end of that charity.