Vehicles of the Roaring 20’s



The Roaring 20’s brings images of parties and fancy dressed people.  It was also a time of a great automotive boom.  Most vehicles of the day shared common features such as extended front mounted bumpers and round head lamps.  It is also the era that Ford introduced the first “middle class” vehicle.

1920 Stutz Model H

This seven passenger touring vehicle was considered advanced in its era.  It featured a T-head, I4 engine with a three speed manual transmission.  What made it unique in its day was the fact that it also featured multiple valves (four) for each cylinder.  A sought after favorite this vehicle offered superior performance and a luxurious leather interior.  As with most vehicles of the day it had a soft top that could be removed.

1921 Bour-Davis

Also a seven passenger touring vehicle this rear wheel drive featured a 5L, straight six with a three speed manual transmission.  With virtually no trunk space the hood was long with rounded head lamps.

The interior featured cushy bench seats.

1924 Dodge Depot Hack

The Dodge Depot was shaped much like the other touring vehicles of the time, long fronts with little to no trunk space.  Under the hood was four cylinder 3 speed manual transmission.  It was open concept, no windows on the doors, with a wind screen and side mounted spare tire.  Commonly this model featured a wood panel design.

1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom I

A straight six with a three speed transmission this four door sedan screamed luxury.  It had a clean sleek design with suspended rounded wheel covers, round head lamps and extended front bumper.  It is exactly what you think of when you think 1920’s gangster.

1926 Buick Master 6

The Master 6 was a closed body six seat sedan with a straight six 4.5L engine and a three speed manual transmission.  It featured a long box design with four doors for ease of entry and exit.  Large running boards ran the length of the vehicle.  It had a rear mounted spare and very little trunk space.  Like the Rolls-Royce it had rounded wheel covers and round head lamps mounted on either side of the radiator.

1927 Ford Model T

The Model T was made specifically with the purpose of being affordable to the “average” American.  It was a four door touring car that was large enough for a family but small enough to make the cost low.  It featured an inline four cylinder, twenty horse power engine with a 2.9L engine capable of running on gasoline, ethanol or kerosene.  Like many cars of the day it had rounded wheel wells and rounded head lamps mounted on either side of the radiator.  It was mass produced in black because black dried faster than other colors.

1928 Packard 443 Sedan

A high priced luxury vehicle of the era the Packard Sedan could seat seven comfortably.  A straight eight engine with a three speed manual transmission propelled this mighty sleek vehicle down the road.  Like other vehicles of the day it featured the standard round head lamps mounted on either side of the narrow radiator.